The Three Pigs

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Flash Fiction

Once upon a time in the concrete jungle there lived Three Pigs. The youngest one known as Straw was a scrawny little fellow but he was the quickest of the three. He wore a leather jacket over a thin gray hoodie and black pants. The other Pig was known as Stick. He was a fellow of average build and always dressed in sharp suits. The last and oldest Pig was known as Brick. He was a hulking fellow who seemed to be made of pure muscle. He dressed him self in a black sleeveless tight shirt which exposed his muscular arms that was covered in ink. He was the quietest of the Pigs as well as the mastermind behind their operation. All Three Pigs had their badges on chains and draped over their necks. The golden shields around their necks glistened in the sunlight which was the only warning the criminals of the city had of their arrival. They were the only three members of a special squad in the police force who had their snout in about every  lethal crime in the city. They were known as the Three Pigs.

One day they were out on the hunt for an infamous criminal. He had warrants on him for assault, murder, burglary, and rape. Everyone in that urban jungle knew and feared this deadly animal. He was known only by his alias, The Wolf. His latest crime put the Three Pigs hot on his trail. The Wolf struck to close to home when he assaulted Straw’s little cousin. She was left beaten within an inch of her life. Straw sat in the back of the car while recalling the day he visited his cousin in the hospital. “I swear, Red.” said Straw softly in his cousin’s ear as he tried to hold back his tears. “I swear by the hair on my chin that The Wolf will pay for what he did.”

“You still with us, Straw?” said Stick in a concerned but strong voice as he looked at Straw through the rear view mirror.

“Just concentrate on getting us there. I’ll take care of the rest.” said Straw angrily as he stroked his goatee.

“If you go in there half cocked and reckless you’re just gonna get your ass wasted before you even get passed the door.” commented Brick in a monotone yet dominant voice.

“You got a plan?” inquired Stick. Brick nodded as he continued to peer out to the city that seemed to pass them by in a blur as they speed to The Wolf’s lair.

The Three Pigs arrive in the middle of the ghetto. Not to far from them was a run down house covered in peeling paint, rust, wooden boards, and bullet holes. The house had Tupac’s “To Live and Die in L.A.” blaring from within that little hovel. It was a miracle that the vibrations from the music didn’t bring the house down. Brick and Stick crept up to the front door in a breaching formation. Straw scaled the side of the house quietly like a cat in the night. In no time he was creeping on the roof and making his way to the chimney with a flash bang grenade  in his right hand. “Do it.” Brick radioed in to their Pig on the roof. Straw threw the flash bang down the chimney and ran towards the backdoor. Straw was already in position by the time the grenade exploded.

Upon hearing the explosion of the grenade, Brick and Stick kicked down the door. The thugs in the room were blinded and disoriented by the flash bang. Brick shot two thugs to the left of them. His gunshots were in perfect unison of the beat of the music. Stick took down three thugs sitting at table who were counting some cash when the grenade hit. They were all brought down before the verse of the song was over. The wall next to Brick exploded and he caught a handful of buckshots to his gut. He was knocked off his feet and crashed into the coffee table which collapsed as if it were made of popsicle sticks. Stick ran and took cover behind a counter. The Wolf emerged from the smoke and yelled,”I’m gonna huff and puff and blow all you mother fuckers away!” as he fired off his shotgun wildly at the counter where stick was hiding. Suddenly, the wolf hears the cocking of pistol behind him. “I swear by the hair of my chinny chin chin…” whispered Straw as he pulled the trigger. Blood and chunks of brain splattered all over the walls of the house as the headless corpse of The Big Bad Wolf hit the ground.

Stick makes his way over to brick and notices that he is still alive. Brick opted to wear his bullet proof vest which stopped most of the bullets, But the blood leaking from his side suggested that a few got through. Brick stands back up with the assistance of Stick and is able to stand tall on his own. “You cool?” asked Stick as he let go of Brick

“I’ll live.” said Brick calmly.

“Lets radio this in and get out of this shit hole.” said Stick, “We still got a lot of work to do. We’re far from living happily ever after.”

“I don’t think we ever will. But at least Red can.” said Straw as The Three Pigs disappeared from the gun smoke fog.


The Morning Duel

Posted: May 19, 2011 in Flash Fiction

The sun rises over the horizon and sets off an explosion of colors that signifies a new day. The vibrant colors blankets my exhausted body as I run along the sidewalk. I squint my eyes to look ahead of me and I see my brother running in the distance. He is a good five minutes ahead of me. He always beats me in our little race. But today will be different. I will give it my all even if it means my death. I wont let him win this time.

My legs move faster and faster. They are lubricated by my sweat and energized by the blood that now burns deeply in my veins. My heart pounds a mile a minute and is ready to burst through my chest. I can feel its vibrations echoing through out my body as if the world itself was shaking. My own personal earthquake. My back screams with pain from every impact my legs make with the hard concrete. But still I push on. I run faster and faster and my breath synergises with my body. My lungs feed me with the fuel my body needs to beat my life long nemesis. I can feel the cold air freezing the tubes of my lungs. I’m gaining on him. But its not enough, and at this moment it seems it never will be.

I glance behind me and I take notice that our starting point can no longer be seen through the haze of the sunrise. It has already been engulfed by the shroud of the new day. If I don’t hurry I will be engulfed by just another day. This gives me the motivation I need to look ahead and stop dwelling in the past. My legs move faster and faster. They are now drenched in sweat and the blood that once energized my body now burns with a deep inner fire. The world around me seems to blur and disappear. All that matters is my rival ahead of me.  He is only a few inches ahead now. I can reach out and grab him, but I’ll beat him fairly.

He glances behind him and I can see a smirk go across his face. He speeds up and so do I. He tries to get in front of me at every turn. He will not allow me to pass without a fight. I try to pass his right but he blocks me with his body and the wall to my right denies me any way to get passed him. I try his left and like clockwork he denies me that too. The busy street to my left only offers dangers as loud metal death machines race passed us on their way to work. Not to far from us is the park. Our ending point which is only a few seconds ahead of us. Its all or nothing now. The blood in my veins bursts in flames and all I see is red. The air in my lungs has turned into steam and the pain in my body is virtually gone. My legs move faster and faster. I charge forward giving my brother an option. Get in front of me and get run over or move out of the way. He gets in front of me but he can feel my intent and he hesitates. Our shoulders collide but we both keep balance. I break through his impenetrable defense and charge forth in front of him. I have taken the race just in time as I arrive at the water fountain of the park with him closely behind me. Our end point. We both collapse and we look at each other with what little energy we have left. He gives me a nod. I give him a smirk. I finally won and my exhausted laughter signifies a new day.

Demigodz Ch.1

Posted: May 14, 2011 in Flash Fiction

In the of the beginning of civilization there emerged a need for humanity to question their own bitter fate. Humans denied their inevitable death while they searched the stars for answers. They desperately searched for assurance and hope in the night sky. There were countless stories of gods but it seemed humanities prayers fell on deft ears. But there was a handful of gods who felt the despair of humans. The gods of Olympia.

Desperate and hopeless, humanity was at the brink of extinction. Driven by fear and controlled by greed humans waged war on each other. Countless lives are lost. But in the darkest hour of humanity, several figures emerged from the skies. Beings of absolute power who could shape the world as they see fit. They awaited the right time to make themselves known. A time where belief in their existence would be undisputed. These gods came down in a fiery glory during battles that would be remembered through out the ages. Such as the battle of Troy, the battle of Thermopylae, World War I, and even World War II. They came down lending aid to humanities darker times in order to keep balance.

Now, the torch of Mount Olympia is lit. It smoulders in the home of the gods. It can never be extinguished. Even as their existence is debated as centuries pass. They watch and wait as humanity has regained control over themselves. But even the gods are not safe from petty human urges that once nearly wiped out their creations.

In the depths of the underworld a plot has been brewing for centuries. A plot to overthrow Zeus and bring a new era of darkness to the world. There in the underworld Hades sits upon his throne  made of human remains. He is clothed in a tattered dark hooded robe. Even though he is aeons old he has remained in peak physical condition. Bulging muscles can be seen peeking through his ripped clothing. His horns seem to rip violently from his hood as if to liberate his darkest desires. He sits grasping his scepter made of bones from unknown creatures with a dark and jagged blade emerging from its bottom. Cerberus, the giant three headed pitbull of the underworld, lays at his master’s feat staring at his reflection from the blade that has claimed many souls. There they both await the son of Hades to answer his father’s call.

Blakout, the offspring of Hades and a human female, walks towards the throne room where his father awaits. He is one of the many Demigods born from the union of gods and humans. They posses a fraction of godly power while being able to live free from the burdens that weigh on the god’s shoulders. His body is covered in a dark armor. Made from the skins and bones of the deadliest creatures that walk the Earth and empowered by the souls of the dead. He is also adorned with jewels and amulets that even the richest kings would envy. They are made of black onyx and blood red diamonds.

Blackout kneels at his father’s feet. “You summoned me, Father?” He asks calmly and submissively with his head tilted down where his father’s dark blade reflects his own son’s dark visage.

“The time has come, my son.” Hades says as he rises from his throne with excitement. Hades pets Cerberus lightly with the blade from his scepter and calmly says in a dark tone, “Today we take back what should have been ours. Today is the day we bring down Zeus and take the throne of Olympia for our selves.” Hades walks towards his son and places his hand firmly on Blakout’s shoulder. “Only you can do this. Now, go to Earth and use the new human weapon to call Zeuses into the mortal realm. That is where you will do what you do best.” Hades says as he hands Blakout the helm of darkness. A helmet made of the bones of various infants and infused with the darkness of the underworld allowing the user to become virtually invisible to supernatural beings.

Blakout takes the helmet and cuffs it under his arm. He looks intently at his father with a smirk and happily says, “I wont let you down.” He bows his head to his father and notices that they were not alone in the room. Behind one of the pillars was a very curious little girl. Blackout’s sister who was only 12 years of age. She was clothed as an average little girl. If you didn’t know any better you would swear she was just the lost soul of a girl that died before her time. She had been listening to their conspiracy  in the shadows. Blakout makes his way towards his sister. He kneels, pats her head and softly says, “Don’t worry, Morrigan. The humans created a new  weapon. This weapon is the product of pure human greed. Even Zeus can’t ignore it. You will see. Soon, we will no longer be surrounded by all this brown and black of the underworld. Soon, we will live in a world with so much color you can go blind.” Blakout hugs his sister with a loving embrace that the underworld has never seen.

“But its Zeus.” Morrigan says in a sad tone. “I don’t want you to go, brother.

“Zeus loves his humans. He wont let them suffer. That is our only opening.” Blakout says with assurance. And this was true. In the past, Zeus has gone out of his way to protect the creatures that he loved the most. And with this knowledge, Blakout sets out to Earth to unleash his father’s coup d’etat and bring  forth events even the Delphic Oracle couldn’t predict.

Last Breath

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Flash Fiction

I lay in my bed as the dark corners of these walls seem to close in on me. Only the silence of this void that I once called home can be heard. Suddenly, out of no where the sound of rain clashes against my walls. A sound like an army marching across the field of my memories. Marching to a place I want to forget but I can’t. Then the pain happens again. It shoots from my spine and all across my body and then converges in my heart. A similar pain I felt all those years ago in a similar night such as this.

It was a cold night and the rain pummeled our car relentlessly. My son lay asleep on the passenger seat. His head lay against the windshield where the rain seemed to sing him a lullaby as he slept. As we entered the side streets our car was engulfed in darkness. Only our headlights would lead us safely to our peaceful home. We began to cross the bridge over the river. My heart pounded at my chest as the water on the road seemed to have a mind of its own. It tried to grab and pull at my car, but I maintained control. This was my road, not the rain’s.  But then out of no where an oncoming car lost control and spun towards us as if it were possessed by the devil himself. In retrospect, I believe it was. I was forced to turn and avoid it but then the rain had other plans. Our car spun too. Our two cars danced in the stormy night side-by-side only to  miss each others metal plating by an inch. Their car continued to dance until the darkness of the night engulfed them. But the rain tossed our car into the railing of the bridge. There we plummeted into the depths of the river. The crash threw my back across my seat and the pain shot through me like a dagger. My son was jostled awake by the commotion and his screams echoed through out the car. His scream was only silenced by the water that seemed to engulf us in seconds.

I awaken back into my home. My void. A house that was fit for a family. It used to echo with a child’s play, a wife’s laugh, and the cheers of a proud dad. But now only silence echoes in these walls as I lay alone in a void that houses a lonely soul.